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Meet Tris

Welcome to my new site!

Bear with me as I piece things together, and feel free to browse around or get in touch.



I always had a musical background, having musical parents who inspired me from my early years.  I was a bit of a geek, built my first computer at 13 – mainly to play games but also the start of my journey as to how I could use it to compose music.

Eventually I went to study Audio & Recording Technology at uni.  I’ve been working in sound for around 7 years.  I started out in live sound, then 5 years ago trained as a sound designer at a post-production dolby studio where I worked on feature / short films / commercials.  3 years ago I started freelancing as a sound designer / music composer.


I mainly use Logic Pro X for music composition, and Pro Tools HD for audio post / mixing.


I’m intrigued to see how virtual reality shapes up over the next few years.  George Lucas famously said, “Sound is half the picture”.  With a medium like VR which aims to hijack your senses, I think sound will play a crucial part even more so in aiding the person into believing the virtual reality.

Aside from that I like to songwrite, take pictures (especially with film) – I’m generally interested in most things creative, and technical.